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New Fire-Rated Epoxy Flowcoat - Technirez™ R1301

26th October, 2016

Single Coat, High Gloss, Perfect for Engine Rooms

ATL Composites Technirez™ R1301 is a solvent-free fire-retardant system ideal for flow-coating marine interior spaces,  in particular engine room environments, with a  high-gloss level that is resistant to dirt pickup,  making it easy to clean.

The formulation was designed to meet AS/NZS 1530.3:1999 requirements, and the cured film is tough, with good flexibility and excellent chemical resistance and is also suitable for use as a fire-retardant gel-coat.

As with the standard Technirez R1300,  R1301 has a simple 2:1 mix ratio, is easy to mix, and brushes on easily.  The non-sag nature makes coating vertical surfaces very easy and optimum results can be achieved with a single coat applied with a 75mm wide short-bristled fibreglass brush.


Formulated in white, R1301 exhibits good UV performance over time, or it can also be blended with WEST SYSTEM® 502 Black Pigment to create different shades of grey if desired.  A range of greys have been selected from the British Paints® range to give an indicative guide to the colours that can be achieved with the addition of various pigment percentages.

Being solvent free and non-flammable, special storage is not required and shelf life is 2 years.

Available in 1.5 kg packs for small jobs or repair and maintenance projects, and 6 kg and 30 kg packs for Trade and new build applications.

• One coat application
• Tintable
• Self-levelling, good brushability, and easy to mix



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