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Vacuum pumps draw the air from the closed system and provide firm, evenly distributed pressure over the entire surface of the part. The size and shape of the mold, and type and quantity of the material being laminated, will determine the minimum pump requirements.

Contact ATL Composites for your specific application. 

V78 Dry Vane (oil free) vacuum pump delivers high volume air flow and efficient vacuum pressures for wet laminate bagging, core-bedding and veneer bonding applications.  Requiring minimal set-up, the V780 can be run continuously with clean, dry air.

V78010 Pump Capacity-10m3/hr Vacuum Level-150 hPa Noise Level-58dB Weight (approx)-22kg Dimensions- 260x250x413mm

V78016 Pump Capacity-16m3/hr Vacuum Level-150 hPa Noise Level-59dB Weight (approx)-26kg Dimensions- 260x256x436mm

V78025 Pump Capacity-25m3/hr Vacuum Level-120 hPa Noise Level-60dB Weight (approx)-31kg Dimensions- 282x284x495mm

V78040 Pump Capacity-40m3/hr Vacuum Level-120 hPa Noise Level-65dB Weight (approx)-38kg Dimensions- 282x289x545mm


V79 Oil Lubricated vacuum pump achieves higher vacuum levels necessary for efficient vacuum infusion processing.

 V79010 Pump Capacity-10m3/hr Vacuum Level-2 hPa Noise Level-59 dB Weight (approx)-16kg Dimensions- 200x240x426mm

V79020 Pump Capacity-21m3/hr Vacuum Level-2 hPa Noise Level-62 dB Weight (approx)-19kg Dimensions- 263x284x546mm

V79025 Pump Capacity-25m3/hr Vacuum Level-0.5 hPa Noise Level-62 dB Weight (approx)-34kg Dimensions- 263x284x546mm

V79040 Pump Capacity-40m3/hr Vacuum Level-0.5 hPa Noise Level-64 dB Weight (approx)-38kg Dimensions- 263x284x610mm


The plumbing system provides an airtight passage from the vacuum envelope to the vacuum pump, allowing the pump to remove air from, and reduce air pressure in, the envelope.

Vacuum Bag Breach Kit consists of a cast aluminium vacuum valve, a quick release coupling and male hose barb, making vacuum bag connections positive and fast.  V740B Includes:base plate/ quick releasing coupling/ 3/8" male hose barb. 

Transducer Kit converts shop air lines to vacuum without the use of a vacuum pump.  The transducer capacity is approximately 3m3/ hour.  The V740T Kit consists of the Airvac 22 transducer with an integral muffler, a male air line attachment and a male hose barb. 

V755 Digital Vacuum Gauge 40D is used for leak detection and vacuum determinations under your vacuum bag. The gauge offers vacuum readings in four selectable units: mBar, mmHg, inHg, and KPa. A heavy duty ridged plastic jacket protects the gauge from damage in normal shop use. The Vac-Gauge 40D connection stem is a ¼" NPT male thread.