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Securlon BIG BLUE is a multi-layered film that provides extra toughness for large infusion projects.  It is ideal for room temperature applications, but will also take higher temperatures up to 121°C.
Film Thickness- 75 micron   Width-12.0m   Roll Length-56Lm

Wrightlon 3700 Perforated Release Film is a low cost perforated release film.The P16 perforation configuration has minimal effect on flow rate, with excellent release characteristics when used under flow medium or inlet lines.
Film Thickness- 0.025mm    Width-1520mm    Roll Length-50Lm
Perforation Type-P16 400 micron diameter @ 3mm staggered centres.

Dahlar®125 Perforated Release Film is an economical film set with P3 perforations for use with wet-resin laminating in both vacuum bagging and release film applications. Dahlar®125 can be used for cures up to 125°C and will release from most resins associated with marine and recreational products.
Film Thickness-0.025mm   Width-1520mm    Roll Length-50Lm
Film Thickness-0.025mm   Width-1520mm    Roll Length-300Lm

Infusion Mediums are designed to assist resin flow through the part during the VARTM process:

Resinflow60  works well with epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resins and the resins will flow more easily in the lay-up.  It will not fray when cut, or roll up at the ends.
Film Thickness-1mm    Width -1520mm   Roll Length-10Lm
Film Thickness-1mm    Width-1520mm    Roll Length-50Lm
Film Thickness-1mm    Width-1520mm    Roll Length-100Lm

Greenflow75 is designed to efficiently distribute resin with little waste due to its low profile and tight construction.
Film Thickness-0.9mm   Width-1040mm   Roll Length-10Lm
Film Thickness-0.9mm   Width-1040mm   Roll Length-50Lm
Film Thickness-0.9mm   Width-1040mm   Roll Length-100Lm

INFUSIONTECH® Spiral Wrap is a semi-clear spiral used to introduce resin, or to evacuate air. Process Temp - 120oC Available in 2 diameters.
0-V802 12.7mm  Roll Length-30Lm
0-V803 16mm      Roll Length-30Lm

Tubing is used for infusion processing to introduce resin, or to evacuate air. Suitable for use with epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resin systems and available in 2 diameters.

0-V804 1/2" tube   3/8" ID    Roll Length-50Lm
0-V805 5/8" tube   1/2" ID    Roll Length-50Lm

Resin Infusion Connector (RIC) is a polyethylene UHMW fitting that provides inexpensive and efficient through-bag connection for vacuum manifold and resin feed lines for low temperature infusion applications.
V815 12.7mm RIC Fitting   Process Temp 80oC
V816 16mm RIC Fitting      Process Temp 80oC

DAHLPAC MC79 is an easy to use strip material that allows vacuum to be applied over the surface of a composite laminate with no resin bleed-out and little part mark-off. MC79 breathes efficiently and can control resin flow.
V770  Width-11.4mm    Roll Length - 24.3Lm

Airhold 10 CBS is a double-sided fabric, reinforced tape with a rubber-based adhesive on both sides.  Airhold 10 is designed to hold down plastic spiral wrap used as a vacuum manifold in the resin infusion process.
V840 Thickness-0.3mm   Width-25.4mm   Roll Length-33Lm