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To streamline the composite panel joining process, ATL Composites has developed the proprietary Z-Press.

The press applies heat and pressure to cure the epoxy adhesive on the Z-Joints. 

Joins are fully cured in 7 to 20 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature, type of hardener, core type and thickness of the panel. Checking the "squeeze-out" on the joint until it has become rubbery, will indicate when you can proceed with the next join.

Drums, or a purpose-built receiving stand, should be set up to support the full sized composite panels being joined. Large parts, for example, a catamaran topside panel may extend through two or more panels. Once joined, the tabs can be cut to remove the full size parts of the DuFLEX kit.

A mobile Z-Press for joining DuFLEX panels is available for Hire from ATL Composites.