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Econo-Stitch Peel Ply is a heat-set and scoured nylon fabric used to aid, or replace, sanding or abrading your composite laminate.  The red tracers are highly visible, even after cure, reducing the possibility of peel ply being left on the part.

Process Temp-190oC    Width-1520mm    Roll Length-10Lm
Process Temp-190oC    Width-1520mm    Roll Length-91Lm


CP00500 Peel-Ply is a tightly woven nylon fabric, weighing approximately 55 grams per square metre, treated with a finish to which epoxy and polyester* will not bond.
*Peel-ply can be used with waxed or unwaxed polyester resins, as in either case, the uncured or waxed surface is removed.
Width-1500mm    Roll Length-50Lm