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17.5m Cantilevered Roof - Deepdene Penthouse

Azzura Marine’s latest architectural project incorporating DuFLEX® Composite Panels manufactured by
ATL Composites, is a cantilevered roof for a 6 story building in Sydney, Australia.

Length 17.5m
Richard Goodwin Art + Architecture www.richard-goodwin.com
Design Concept

Designed by architect Richard Goodwin, the spectacular roof shape, with a cantilevered section, was modelled on the angular shapes of an F117 jet.  Wind ratings, weight, strength and stiffness had to be considered in the design, and in the choice of fabrication materials.  ATL engineers did the composite engineering including finite element analysis for the project.  

The need to reduce the overall thickness required a combination of materials to be used, as it could not be achieved with normal steel fabrication. ATL's DuFLEX® panels cored with 150 kg/m3 end- grain balsa, were used as they contributed structurally, while still meeting the weight and stiffness requirements.


ATL Composites manufactured the DuFLEX® panels and CNC-routed the roof parts from electronic files.  The panels were delivered and joined on site at Azzura Marine by ATL, so the full sized parts could be assembled directly onto the steel support structure.

John Briggs, Project Manager for the job, said "The functionality of the DuFLEX / balsa panels was perfect for the project from a weight and strength perspective, and having them joined to the full size parts on site for assembly was fantastic." 

The roof was disassembled into 4 components, and shipped to the building site in Sydney.  The parts, the largest piece being 3.6m x 17.5m, were lifted and positioned using a 140 tonne crane with an 87m boom.

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