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Manufacturers are becoming increasingly focused on alternative technologies and materials to optimise and adapt to the requirements of the automotive industry.

As technologies evolve to meet the continuous drive for higher productivity, autoclave curing is being replaced more and more with alternative processing solutions such as compression moulding, standard infusion or high-pressure, fast injection RTM .

Epoxy resins, specialty core materials and high performance reinforcements are now providing new structural solutions to radically change the ways cars are designed and built.  Low weight , strength and specific rigidity, fatigue and corrosion resistance, can all be achieved without compromise to performance.

ATL's KINETIX® Infusion Systems, Techniglue® Adhesives and DURATEC®
in-mold coatings are being used to meet the high strength and toughness required by the high performance motor-sport industry, specifically V8 Supercars.