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The TECHNIREZ range of industrial epoxy systems have been formulated to address the varied needs and demands of industrial, commercial and DIY users.  Custom-blends can also be formulated to suit manufacturer's requirements, and mix ratios can be modified to meet exacting specifications to ensure continued use of existing dispensing equipment

Our Coating formulations are solvent free offering significant advantages over traditional solvent-borne systems, including low odour and non-flammability.  Tough and durable, they provide excellent abrasion, moisture and chemical resistance, with excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, and have been designed to add protection and/or visual appeal to the finished part. 

In the extremely aggressive operating environment of the Mining industry, longer operating life, less downtime and fast dependable repairs are critical.  ATL Composites have specifically formulated liquid and filled systems that allow the repair and protection of components exposed to the most severe conditions.

TECHNIREZElectrical systems are specifically formulated for use in electrical and electronic applications. Whether it is for environmental protection of batteries, moisture protection of washing machine control gear, oven igniters, fuel pump controllers, toroidal transformers or security encapsulation of sensitive circuit designs, a practical and cost effective solution is always available. Our technical support team is very familiar with commercial compliance regulations including UL-V0, and other international testing is available on request.

In most tooling applications, an epoxy tool can be infinitely more durable and dimensionally stable than other tool building materials. Epoxy has a much higher strength to weight ratio and consequently results in a laminate that is lighter, stiffer and faster to build.  Our TECHNIREZ range of Tooling products provide versatile and economic solutions for tooling applications in the automobile, aerospace, foundry, and vacuum forming industries. A full range of laminating and coating systems, filled casting resins, thixotropic gelcoats, surfacing compounds suitable for CNC machining, and laminating pastes, provide manufacturers with a comprehensive choice of products to suit every application.