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Marine

Supplying the marine industry for over 30 years, ATL Composites has the experience and materials technology to offer practical solutions to optimise structures for weight, strength and stiffness. 

The KINETIX® laminating epoxy range forms the basis of New Zealand and Australia's highly developed advanced composite yachting industry.  


Automotive

Manufacturers are becoming  increasingly focused on alternative technologies and materials to optimise and adapt to the requirements of the automotive industry.   

Epoxy resins, specialty core materials and high performance reinforcements are now providing new structural solutions to radically change the ways cars are designed and built.  


Sports Equipment

Composite materials play a key role in the evolution of sports and recreation equipment, providing lightweight, stiffness and strength, and the advantages have been embraced by a wide variety of industries.  The  KINETIX® range has been formulated to offer solutions for specific performance and manufacturing requirements.   



Architectural

Composite materials are becoming accepted as an innovative alternative for the architectural and building industries.   Complex forms can be created relatively easily, and made-to-measure units can be manufactured to be adapted to existing structures, broadening design freedom and reducing construction time.



Industrial

Easy to handle, durable and dimensionally stable, the TECHNIREZ™ range of tooling products provide versatile, economic solutions to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve the performance of foundry tooling.

While the TECHNIGLUE® adhesive range includes systems suitable for secondary bonding of fibre-reinforced composite parts, and multipurpose bonding of timber, concrete and stone, through to highly toughened adhesives suitable for the structural bonding of metals.