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CPO Plain Weaves are available in 200 gram and 290 gram and are ideal for building composite laminates  and repairing fibreglass structures.

UKO Unidirectionals are available in a number of weights and are excellent where single directional tensile or compressive strength is required.

CKO Biaxial 0/90°offers significant advantages on the woven roving style of glass cloth in terms of structural performance and quality of finish.

XKO Double Bias +/- 45°combine the advantages of stitched fabrics with the exceptional formablility of bias fibre orientation.

TKO Warp Triaxial 0/+/- 45° are ideal for applications that require a combination of high longitudinal and shear strength and stiffness, and some transverse strength.

TWK Weft Triaxial 90/+/- 45° is ideal for laterally loaded applications.

QK Quadraxial 0/+/-45/90°is ideal for applications where the exact direction of the load is unknown, or varies significantly.

Tapes are available in Double Bias and Weft Triaxial.