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Orientations :
Carbon Fibre Unidirectional fabrics and tapes are used to improve tensile, compressive strength, and directional stability to structures in one specific direction.

ZU200 / 3  
200grm Carbon Unidirectional "hot melt" 12K   Width 300mm     
Roll Length 92 Lm

ZU200 / 5
200grm Carbon Unidirectional "thermoplastic" 12K    Width 500mm
Roll length 100 Lm

ZU300 / 3  
300grm Carbon Unidirectional "hot melt" 12K     Width 300mm
Roll Length 92.4 Lm

ZU300 / 5
300grm Carbon Unidirectional "thermoplastic" 12K     Width 500mm
Roll Length 100 Lm

ZU300 / 6
300grm Carbon Unidirectional "hot melt" 12 K     Width 600mm
Roll Length 92.4 Lm

ZU450 / 5
450grm Carbon Unidirectional "thermoplastic" 24K    Width 500m
Roll Length 100 Lm


Carbon Fibre Plain Weave fabric are constructed with the warp and weft forming a simple over-under pattern. It is firm and stable and is uniform in strength in all surface directions. Ideally suited for covering large flat surfaces.

200grm Carbon Plain Weave 3K     Width 1270mm
Roll Length 92.4 Lm

300grm  Carbon Plain Weave 12K     Width 1270mm
Roll Length 91.6 Lm

Carbon Fibre Twill Weave fabrics are constructed with one or more warp ends weaving over and under two or more weft threads in a regular fashion to produce either a straight or broken diagonal line in the fabric. This weave is more pliable than plain weave and improves the folding, hanging and draping capacity allowing better coverage over curved surfaces.

200grm Carbon 2 x 2 Twill 3K    Width 1270mm
Roll Length 92.4 Lm

Carbon Fibre Double Bias fabric is a two (2) layer fabric consisting of carbon fibre laid down parallel in the -45° and + 45° axes. This fabric is used where complex contours and curved surfaces make other fabrics hard to laminate. It adds good structural support to square composite panels and provides stability in long laminates, which may experience torsional twist.

200grm Carbon Double Bias (+/- 45 degrees) Width 1270mm
Roll Length 150 Lm

300grm Carbon Double Bias (+/- 45 degrees) Width 1270mm
Roll Length 100 Lm

400grm Carbon Double Bias (+/- 45 degrees) Width 1270mm
Roll Length 100 Lm