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E-SPHERES® are composed of an advanced ceramic substance, designed to enhance the performance and reduce weight of engineered materials.

They have mutiple applications across diverse industries such as adhesives, automotive, insulation panels, composites, components and syntactic foam, electronics, fibre-reinforced plastics, sealants, caulks, stucco and fillers, lightweight cementitious and construction products and in insulation/high temperature resistance coatings and other materials.

Having a spherical hollow structure and inert mineral composition, the main characteristics are functional low density, high compressive strength, thermal resistance and insulation, chemical inert and netural pH, non-dangerous goods status, geometry and low absoprtion and a unique white colour.

E-SPHERES offer unparalleled tempearture resistance, with a melting point above 1,700 degrees C, the highest of any hollow ceramic microspheres in the market.