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Coosa Composite Bluewater Panels are a high density, closed-cell polyurethane foam reinforced with woven roving and continuous strand fiberglass. The woven roving fiberglass in addition to continuous strand fiberglass in Bluewater Panels adds additional flexural strength (stiffness) for demanding applications where structural integrity and/or greater span lengths are appropriate.

Bluewater panels are available in two densities - Bluewater 20 and Bluewater 26 are approximately 40-60% lighter than plywood. . Coosa panels offer a very low water absorption, 1.5% or less; therefore, there is no significant weight gain when exposed to water,  and will not ro, makng them ideal for applications for plywood replacement. The panels are more mold and mildew resistant than plywood, along with being resistant to insect infestations and can be utilized for multiple applications:

  • Marine - transoms, stringers, hatch lids and decking

  • Industrial - wall panels, amusement park structures, museum exhibits and instrument/transport cases

  • Transportation - floors for emergency vehicles, buses