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Williames Magic Carpet

The Williames Magic Carpet floats on top of the tea canopy with no contact with the ground carrying the Williames Selective Tea Plucker which harvests at 4 kilometres per hour with as good or better quality harvested leaf than hand selected leaf.


We at Williames Tea Pty Ltd have developed unique technology to selectively pluck tea at 4 kilometres an hour that is of fine quality equal to or better than hand selected tea leaf.

This is a first mechanical selective Tea Plucker for what we believe to be the pursuit of high quality teas over 5000 years of human endeavour to select the best highest quality young fresh mature shoots for the finest cup of tea.

This  has been made possible by a very innovative bold step of using aerospace technology in agriculture. Building extremely light mobile structures that are self-propelled and float on top of the tea canopy carrying a selective tea Plucker requires extreme light weight and strength.

Our world-wide search for materials and method to achieve this extraordinary technology would not  be possible without the use of high tensile aluminium and carbon fibre which has to be bonded together to take high loads at the junctures capable of withstanding structural loads and torsional forces as the rotating rollers serve a dual function for propulsion and also  structure.

Our search led us to Lorraine Murray at ATL Composites Pty Ltd for the selection and supply of an adhesive, Techniglue R15 Toughened, that has proven under high stress, high temperature and humidity to never fail and to give exceptional, durable results.

The service has been fast very professional and given extremely good results.

Geoff Williames

Geoff Williames
Managing Director, Founder (1976)
Williames Pty Ltd

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