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Dolphin SurfCraft

Get a Competitive Edge !

Dolphin SurfCraft was established in 1992 and is now one of the largest manufacturers in Australia producing customer handmade craft for the elite of Surf Life Saving competitors.


Using the highest quality materials available, Dolphin Surf Craft Epoxy Racing Boards are constructed with carbon fibre reinforcements. Multiple layers are laminated over vacuum- tested EPS foam with ATL Composites' KINETIX® Epoxy Surfcraft Laminating Systems to produce high performance composite boards  that provide maximum impact resistance, and cross dimensional and longitudinal strength, to ensure optimum performance and durability in this highly competitive sport.





Dolphin's Epoxy Surf Rescue Boards, at only 9kgs, are 3 kgs lighter than a standard rescue board.  The combination of  their hybrid shape based on Dolphin's racing design, and the lightweight KINETIX epoxy construction, makes the boards easier to manoeuvre and control, and also tough enough to be suitable for rescues in all conditions.

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