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Stormy Weather

Recently launched by Denman Marine in Kettering Tasmania, Stormy Weather is the first East Coast 32 from the design board of renowned naval architect Andy Dovell.

Design Concept

Andy Dovell, Sydney, was commissioned to to create a vessel primarily aimed at day use, and occasional overnight stays on Sydney Harbour, but with the ability for shorter coastal hops in good weather. Emphasis was placed on having an open flow, uncluttered interior to facilitate interaction between the cockpit and the forward cabin area.

LOA 10.8 m
LWL 9.51 m
Beam 3.65 m
Draft 0.75 m
Engine Steyr SE156E26, six-cylinder 150hp turbo diesel
Dovell Naval Architects www.dovellnavalarchitects.com.au
Denman Marine www.denmanmarine.com.au

Although the East Coast 32 has traditional looks, such as the plumb stem and curved, raked transom, the design incorporates modern materials to achieve a strong, lightweight and easily driven hull. The hull construction was Western Red Cedar core strip planked with WEST SYSTEM 105 resin and 205 Fast hardener thickened with WEST SYSTEM 411 Microsphere Blend to create a lightweight filling putty used to edge-glue the planks together.

The stripped hull was reinforced with multiaxial E-fibreglass skins laminated with KINETIX R246TX high performance epoxy resin and H126 Super-Fast hardener manufactured by ATL Composites.  The resulting cured laminate offers excellent mechanical properties with high heat distortion and excellent toughness.  Cedar strip-plank has proved to be very popular method of custom boat construction with professional and amateur boat-builders worldwide, because of the ability to make complex, smooth curves to produce beautiful, high quality vessels. 

All bonding for bulkhead installation and other structural components were completed with a blend of WEST SYSTEM epoxy and 413 MicroFibre Blend, while filleting and non-structural bonding utilised the  lower density WEST SYSTEM 411 Microsphere Blend.  Fairing was completed with WEST System 410 Microlight and Altex Epoxy Marine Surfacer.  Prior to priming, all underwater areas were barrier coated with WEST System 105 resin and WEST System 422 Barrier coat additive (7 coats to waterline plus 200mm and 3 coats of WEST 105 above.)

Denman Marine uses CAD/CNC technology extensively to improve accuracy and improve production efficiency.  For example, the MDF building jig was cut and assembled by one worker over two days and the majority of the interior fit out was CNC cut, assembled and finished outside the boat prior to installation.

Denman Marine aimed for low maintenance for exterior finishes, using Awlcraft 2000, a two- component acrylic urethane topcoat that provides long lasting gloss and colour retention, for the topsides, and Awlwood Primer/ Clear Finish in all clear finishing applications to give a beautiful, high- gloss finish with extended performance.

Stormy Weather is powered by a 150hp six-cylinder Steyr turbo diesel coupled with a 5-blade CNC milled propeller.  The combination produces a top speed of just under 20kts, and comfortable cruising in the mid-teens.  Due to the flare and extension of the chine forward, the boat is very dry in choppy conditions, and her fine entry ensures no pounding.  Her initial delivery to Sydney across Bass Strait in rough conditions proved her to be a dry and capable sea boat.

The main cabin area has two helm seats, a settee/day bed to port and a small galley to starboard with plenty of storage.  There are two good- sized berths in the forward cabin, as well as an enclosed head, and hot water is provided for in the galley and at the stern shower. 

The saloon area can be isolated from the aft cockpit, when overnighting, with the removable canvas/clear partition and a transom door provides access to the large teak swim platform and boarding ladder, which makes it very easy to get back on board after a swim.

Stormy Weather is a beautiful vessel – perfect for day trips, and offering comfortable accommodations and practical living spaces for the occasional weekend away.

More photos of this project can be viewed on https://www.denmanmarine.com.au/east-coast-32---stormy-weather-i34/

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