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Croker Oars

Croker Oars Pty. Ltd, based in Taree, NSW, is the second largest manufacturer of carbon racing oars in the world. Originally the oars were made from laminated spruce, and composite oars were first made in 1990. Today, a work force of 20 makes about 15,000 oars a year and exports over 70% to all corners of the world.



The oar shafts are made from epoxy pre-preg, using various layers of carbon and fibreglass fabric. The blades are made using a VARTM process, developed in house with the assistance of ATL Composites.

The basic parameters of time, temperature, pressure and vacuum are controlled by PLC's to ensure consistency with each shot. With these parameters controlled, it is possible to fine tune the resin system with regard to gel time and cure time.

The moulds are normally gel-coated, fibre pre-form loaded, and closed. The tools are then shot with KINETIX® R246 resin and cured.

Recently an order was completed for the NZ national team, who not surprisingly use black blades with a silver fern attached. These blades were shot using KINETIX R104 UV resistant laminating resin and will not require clear coating.

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