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In addition to the supply of plain, grid-scored with scrim or grooved and perforated sheets in the ProBalsa, Divinycell  and Corecell structural foam ranges, ATL Composites can supply pre-cut, ready to install custom core kits, generated from electronic design files.

Core conversion, including contouring, and /or cutting and perforating for infusion core kits, CAD work, and CNC routing is all done in-house.  Optimised nesting reduces wastage and builders can save time normally spent in cutting and trimming pieces to the correct shape.

Kits can incorporate several different core types, densities and thicknesses to meet specific requirements, and ATL can groove and perofrated cores in custom configurations to meet specific handling requirements.

Kits ensure consistent part quality and high production rates. Waste,  labour, equipment and storage space are all eliminated, resulting in significant cost savings for manufacturers.

  • Accurate
  • Labour Saving
  • Increased Productivity